This exhibition was on display from April 07, 2017 to August 20, 2017.

There were 409 objects in this exhibition but right now we can only show you 400 of them. Some objects may not be viewable because they were on loan; this might be due to issues involving image rights or simply because there is no digitized image for the objects.

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A Smaller World

After World War I, American artists, designers, and patrons eagerly traveled to Paris, attending the 1925 Exposition Internationale des Arts décoratifs et industriels modernes where various countries—though not the United States or Germany—exhibited significant new designs. An American government committee selected 400 objects from the exposition, many for sale, to tour US museums in 1926. Department stores followed suit with exhibitions of imported modern design. Other influences came through the immigration of trained designers, particularly from Vienna and Berlin, to the US. These designers brought new aesthetics and an interest in industrial design that they combined with a fascination with American skyscrapers. The interaction of European-trained and American-born designers created new energy and a style that might be called "melting-pot modern."

  • Desk (France), 1930–35
  • joined wood, cut, pressed and dyed shagreen, carved ivory.
  • Gift of Mr. and Mrs. Forsythe Sherfesee.
  • 1968-144-13-a/g
  • Tea Service, ca. 1931
  • silver and ivory.
  • Lent by The Metropolitan Museum of Art, Gift of Mr. and Mrs. Herbert....
  • 66.2016.5a/g
  • Floor Lamp, ca. 1930
  • H x W (with glass leaves): 176.1 x 33 cm (5 ft. 9 5/16 in. x 13 in.) H x W....
  • Gift of Elizabeth Arden.
  • 1971-25-3-a/e
  • Ambassador Vase, 1926
  • mould-blown crystal ("muslin glass").
  • Museum purchase through gift of Georgiana L. McClellan.
  • 1958-98-42
  • Compact, 1925
  • enamel, diamonds, mother-of-pearl, onyx, gold and platinum.
  • Lent by Vartanian & Sons.
  • 88.2016.5
  • Scarab Belt Buckle, 1926
  • square-shaped diamonds, baguette-, brilliant-, round old- and single-cut....
  • Lent by Cartier Collection, Inv. CL 341 A26.
  • 86.2016.3
  • Fur Cape, ca. 1925
  • silk, mink, pate de verre beads.
  • Courtesy of Laurie Jue Ying.
  • 78.2016.1
  • Hat, mid-1920s
  • silk, fur, rhinestone, felt, satin.
  • Lent by Museum of the City of New York.Gift of Miss Mildred Sawyer, 1932,....
  • 76.2016.8
  • Suit, ca. 1929
  • wool.
  • Lent by Museum of the City of New York. Gift of Ann Andrews, 1972, 72.136.6A-B.
  • 76.2016.6
  • Evening Coat, ca. 1925
  • velvet, silk, beads, metallic embroidery.
  • Lent by Museum of the City of New York. Gift of Mrs. Christian R. Holmes,....
  • 76.2016.5
  • Evening Dress, 1923–26
  • pearl, floss, metallic thread, silk, velvet.
  • Lent by Museum of the City of New York, Gift of Mrs. Fritz Kreisler, 1960,....
  • 76.2016.4
  • Shoes, 1920s
  • leather.
  • Lent by Museum of the City of New York, Gift of the Estate of Mrs. Jesse I.....
  • 76.2016.13