This exhibition was on display from September 30, 2016 to September 17, 2017.

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In Process Lab: Citizen Design we invite visitors to participate in the design process and help envision a better America.
Through a series of questions and choices you will be asked to record what you and your community care about, define an issue that matters, and propose design tactics that could make a difference. This process is similar to how designers work when they collaborate with communities to address complex challenges—such as reducing dependence on private cars, improving access to healthcare, or restoring housing after natural disasters.
Consider how design decisions are made all around you every day and in what ways you might engage, empathizing with other points of view and working collaboratively with community stakeholders to contribute as a citizen designer.
Process Lab: Citizen Design is an extension of By the People: Designing a Better America (on view on at Cooper Hewitt through February 26, 2017). The Citizen Design activities are inspired by the GRAY AREA project and developed in partnership with ISA-Interface Studio Architects.