Cooper Hewitt says...

The dutch designer Bart Guldemond started his career with Vincent de Rijk setting up a ceramic workshop in Rotterdam. After a few years of working at self produced ceramic and furniture, he founded his own practice in Amsterdam in 1990.

Spacial context plays a crucial roll in his work. This can be seen in his exhibition designs and furniture designs, as-well as the fashion-show SO by Alexander van Slobbe in Paris.
From 1996 to 2006 Guldemond was a design teacher at his former school, the Design Academy Eindhoven, and in 2009 he founded, with a group off his first students, the Studio's B29.

In recent years his work develops towards architectonic projects, such as the realization of the house RSVP, a prize winning design concept for self builders, which he developed in collaboration with Joost Grootens.