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  • Rimorchiatore Lamp, 1969
  • metal (painted).
  • Museum purchase from Decorative Arts Association Acquisition Fund.
  • 1991-47-9-a/f
This object has not been digitized yet.
  • Safe Tray Lid, 1981
  • plastic, aluminum, steel.
  • Gift of Arango Design Foundation.
  • 1994-31-93-a,b
  • In-Ei Mendori Lamp, 2011
  • recycled pet plastic, die-cast painted aluminum (base), methacrylate, led....
  • Gift of Artemide.
  • 2013-46-2-a/g
  • Lola Mundo Stool/chair, 1988
  • polished cast aluminum, chrome-plated steel, ebonized ashwood, molded rubber.
  • The Linda and Irwin R. Berman Stool Collection.
  • 2013-50-21

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