Making of Makerchair Voronoi

Making of Makerchair Voronoi

MX3D Metal

First Experiments in Metal, MX3D - 2013


First Experiments in Resin, MX3d - 2012

Gradient Lounge

Making of the Gradient Lounge Chair

Soft Gradient Chair

Making of the Soft Gradient Chair

Adaptation Chair

Making of the Adaptation Chair

Ivy Climbing Grips

Making of the Climbing Grips for Ivy Wall

Rocking Chair

Timelapse of Rocking Chair

Tungsten Carbidge Coating Bridge Table

Tungsten Carbidge Coating Bridge Table

Sanding the Chaise

Sanding the Bone Chaise

Making of an Armchair

Making of an Armchair

Bone Chair

The Optimization of the Bone Chair

Time Capsule

Making of Time Capsule and the placement of the Time Capsule in the Arctic

Starling Table

Swarm Table, Simulation of Bird Flocks

Forest Table

Forest Table: Algorithym Pattern Forest Table

Paper Planes 2010

Starling Paper Maquette: Interactive paper planes, visualization at the Guggenheim

Bits & Parts Makerchair

Makerchair Bits & Parts

Half Life Lamp

Half Life Lamp: Documentary about making Half Life Lamp

Limited Vases

Limited: Drying Vases

Cloud Table

Cumulus: Simulation of formation of Clouds

Gradient Screen

Gradient Screen Fabrication

Hexagon Makerchair

Making of a Hexagon Makerchair

Digital Matter Installation

Digital Matter, at the High Museum

Joris Laarman Chair

Joris Laarman Chair

Levi’s® Commuter™ Trucker Jacket with Jacquard™ by Google, Design Process

Levi's® Commuter™ x Jacquard by Google came together to make the first interactive denim garment. The jacket is on view as part of 'Making | Breaking New Arrivals,' on view at...

UNYQ Align Scoliosis Brace

The UNYQ Align Scoliosis Brace is produced using the latest 3D printing technology.

Eileen Fisher: Kimono Coat Production Process

This Kimono Coat is made from recycled Eileen Fisher sweaters.

Shantell Martin, "Places Spaces Faces" cushions at Cooper Hewit

Designer Shantell Martin discusses her collaboration with Momentum Textiles.

Fractal.MGX Table Production Process

This table is manufactured using stereolithography, a 3D-printing technique that builds up and solidifies layers of resin.

Haas Bros. Accretion Vase Production Process

The Haas Brothers discuss the process for achieving the intricate texture from their Accretion series.

Mer Ka Ba: Temple Dress

The inspiration and design process for the Temple Dress, by design group threeASFOUR.

Ammar Kalo: Stratum Furniture Process

How the Ammar Kalo Stratum chair is made.

Ammar Kalo: N-Bowl Process

Video showing the production process for Ammar Kalo's N-Bowl