Return detailed information about a tag You can try this method out right here in your browser!

Request Method



  • access_token (required) — A valid OAuth2 access token
  • format — The format in which to return the data. Supported formats are json, jsonp, dson. The default format is json.
  • tag_id (required) — The unique ID of the tag for which you want to retrieve info.
  • page — The default is 1.
  • per_page — The default is 100 and the maximum is 500.

Example Request

curl -X GET '<TOKEN>&tag_id=<TAG_ID>'


This API method uses OAuth2 and allows you to pass parameters as part of the URL (or as GET requests). One of those parameters is your access token which is extra special and has super-powers. Requests to and from the API are done over an encrypted channel so no one can see what's going on BUT that also means there are a couple things you need to be conscious of:

  1. That the request URL always starts with https:// and not just http:// — that little s is what tells your browser to use an encrypted connection.
  2. If you are copy-paste-ing those URLs in to an email or some other place where someone else might be able to read them you should make sure to remove the access token — remember the access token is what links your account to Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum Collections on behalf of an application and has super-powers.