Edit an item associated with a visit. You can try this method out right here in your browser!

Request Method



  • access_token (required) — A valid OAuth2 access token
  • format — The format in which to return the data. Supported formats are json, jsonp, dson. The default format is json.
  • item_id (required) — A valid Cooper Hewitt item ID belonging to the currently auth-ed user.
  • title — Update the title for a visit item.
  • description — Update the description for a visit item.
  • is_public — Possible values are 1 (public) and 0 (private).

Example Request

curl -X POST https://api.collection.cooperhewitt.org/rest/ -F "method=cooperhewitt.visits.items.editItem" -F "access_token=<TOKEN>"  -F "item_id=<ITEM_ID>"  -F "title=<TITLE>"  -F "description=<DESCRIPTION>"  -F "is_public=<IS_PUBLIC>"