This page uncovers the trends and details of a visit!

Reminder: not all objects have all of their information completed, for example, some objects don't have an associated country or associated colors, which is why some numbers on this page might seem lower than expected.

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bnoon's Statistics

In this visit bnoon collected 184 items.
bnoon collected objects associated with 133 different people, from Alan L. Wolfe to Stefano della Bella.
bnoon collected objects from 8 different countries and most of them are from Italy.
bnoon collected 68 different types of objects. Most of their collected objects fall under the type: Print.
bnoon collected objects with 27 different colors. Some of the colors bnoon collected are wheat , goldenrod , tan , darkgrey , yellowgreen .
bnoon collected objects with 359 different tags. Some of the tags bnoon collected are overlap , dress , grotesques , accessories , shields .
The duration of their visit was around one hour.
Here is a visualization of their collecting habits during their visit.