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A palampore or tent hanging with a center field and border. The field is dominated by a tall, straight, slender palm (possibly date?) rising from a mound, with a full crown of feathery foliage and fruit clusters. From lower on the trunk spring, at one side, a small palm head, bending gracefully, and from the other side a down-curving branch of blossoms. From the mound grows a slender flowering vine, which divides and winds upward, forming a frame for the tree's head.
Small flowering trees grow from either corner of the mound; to the left of the palm is a short rugged tree, bamboo shoots grow close to the trunk of the palm, and to the right stands a handsome peacock. The trunk of the palm is marked with an eliptical pattern, and its roots are exposed.
The border, 15 inches wide, is a repeating pattern of short trees, and in each corner, a small bamboo tree. The rows of little trees grow from a curving ground line, suggesting mounds.
In two reds, blue, green, red-violet, yellow (now much faded) and red-brown outlines on an off-white ground, without seam. Lined with cotton.

This is a palampore from India. It is dated mid–late 18th century and we acquired it in 1952. Museum purchase from Au Panier Fleuri Fund.

ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ This object is currently resting in our storage facility.

Its medium is

medium: cotton technique: mordant printed or painted and resist-dyed plain weave (chintz) label: cotton, mordant-printed, resist-painted, and dyed (chintz)

Its dimensions are

H x W: 335.3 x 236.2 cm (11 ft. x 7 ft. 9 in.)

This object was purchased from Josephine Howell

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