This exhibition was on display from April 07, 2017 to August 20, 2017.

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Bending the Rules

The 1920s abounded with new lifestyles. Now able to vote and empowered as decision-makers, women cast off old social customs with their corsets. Their more revealing fashions necessitated exercise and dieting, and called for colorful jewelry in exotic new forms, accessories for cosmetics, and cigarette smoking paraphernalia for additional glamour and adventure. The fashionable "stepped out" to nightclubs first in Paris and then in the US to hear jazz music that gave the era a swinging beat and new excitement. Prohibition reigned throughout the 1920s—but creative designs for cocktail shakers and cups showed the rules being stylishly bent.

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  • Earrings, 1928
  • diamonds, platinum.
  • Lent by Vartanian & Sons.
  • 88.2016.4
  • Brooch, 1930
  • diamonds, emeralds, ruby, platinum, onyx.
  • Lent by Vartanian & Sons.
  • 88.2016.3
  • Brooch, 1924
  • platinum, diamonds, cultured pearl, onyx, rock crystal.
  • Lent by Cartier Collection, Inv. CL 235 A24.
  • 86.2016.9
  • Vanity Case, Egyptian, 1924
  • gold, platinum, engraved mother-of-pearl plaques, egyptian blue faience....
  • Lent by Cartier Collection, Inv. VC 64 A24.
  • 86.2016.8
  • Compact, 1930
  • 14-karat gold, platinum, enamel, baguette-cut diamond (push-piece).
  • Lent by Cartier Collection, Inv. VC 75 A30.
  • 86.2016.7
  • Cigarette Case, 1931
  • platinum, baguette-cut diamond clasp.
  • Lent by Cartier Collection, Inv. CC 50 A31.
  • 86.2016.6
  • Bandeau, 1924
  • diamonds, platinum, natural pearl.
  • Lent by Cartier Collection, Inv. HO 28 A24.
  • 86.2016.1
  • Evening Dress And Underslip, 1926
  • blue silk chiffon with applied blue ombré silk fringe.
  • Lent by Kent State University Museum, The Helen O. Borowitz Collection, KSUM....
  • 70.2016.2