Draw Your Emotions

Can you combine a simple shape, color and emotion to create a unique character design?

Squiggly Character

Can you use a squiggle to create a unique character design?

Luxo Jr. Pencil Test

Luxo Jr. is a short film directed by John Lasseter in 1986, during the early days of Pixar. The film made its debut at the SIGGRAPH computer graphics conference that year. It was the first...

The Incredibles Set Design

In the years following World War II, modern design flourished in homes and public spaces, fueled by new manufacturing techniques and a rising, optimistic middle class. The sleek, comfortable, and...

Luxo Jr.

“Luxo Jr. sent shock waves through the entire industry—to all corners of computer and traditional animation. At that time, most traditional artists were afraid of the computer. They did not...

The Incredibles End Credits

At the end of the Incredibles, Brad [Bird] wanted to do something really special with the titles. He had this very graphic idea in mind." —Teddy Newton, Character Designer, The Incredibles...

The Incredibles Credits Design

Hear from Character Designer Teddy Newton and Director of Photography Andrew Jimenez on how The Incredibles End Credits came together.

Brave Character Design

This video showcases the virtual model created for the character Merida, featured in the Pixar animated feature Brave (2012). Technical artists use the model packets as a blueprint for creating a...

Ten Thousand Cents

Ten Thousand Cents is a digital rendering of a $100 bill created from individually crowdsourced drawings.

Sue Lawty on Ainu Robe

Artist Sue Lawty examines the Ainu robe and discusses its properties as a garment made from elm bark. Lawty explored the Cooper Hewitt collection as part of her Smithsonian Artist Research Fellowship.

Sue Lawty on Paper Vest

Artist Sue Lawty examines the shifu (paper cloth) sweat protector and discusses its unique qualities. Lawty explored the Cooper Hewitt collection as part of her Smithsonian Artist Research Fellowship.

Design By Hand | Ralph Rucci

Public Lecture: Join us as Ralph Rucci talks about his creative process, inspiration, and the role of the hand in his work. About the Design by Hand series: Launched in fall 2013 with the iconic...

The Morse Historic Design Lecture Series | The Future of Design with Bruce Mau

Design has changed the way we interact with the world. From hand-held smart products to large-scale systems and networks, designers have envisioned a brave new world of connectivity and autonomy....

Design Talks I Game Changers: Tim Brown, CEO of IDEO

Announcing “Game Changers,” a new series of design conversations with influential and innovative practitioners, thinkers, and industry leaders across design disciplines. The series launches on...

Beautiful Users | Hacking Consumer Goods

Personal 3D printing technologies are moving design and manufacturing into the hands of users, allowing makers to create—and share—digital files for producing physical objects. Hacking, long...

Gramlich Poster Reel

A collection of animated posters shown back-to-back.

Colour Perception

Animation about our perception of color.

Focal Points Process Documentation

Studio process documentation from René Put and Rianne Petter, related to the publication Poster N° 524.

Elaine Lustig Cohen Interview

Graphic designer and artist Elaine Lustig Cohen on alphabets, her partnership with Alvin Lustig, developing an independent practice, and a forgotten tool: the ruling pen.

Robot Invasion: Are Smart Products Running Your Life?

Advanced robotic prosthetics are breaking down the difference between human and machine, while consumer products equipped with cameras, sensors, and software seek to observe and learn from our...

Maira Kalman: My Favorite Things, a film by Gael Towey

Don’t miss the world premiere of Gael Towey’s latest short film, Maira Kalman: My Favorite Things. The film profiles renowned visual storyteller Maira Kalman as she curates Maira Kalman...