Elaine Lustig Cohen Interview

Graphic designer and artist Elaine Lustig Cohen on alphabets, her partnership with Alvin Lustig, developing an independent practice, and a forgotten tool: the ruling pen.

Robot Invasion: Are Smart Products Running Your Life?

Advanced robotic prosthetics are breaking down the difference between human and machine, while consumer products equipped with cameras, sensors, and software seek to observe and learn from our...

Maira Kalman: My Favorite Things, a film by Gael Towey

Don’t miss the world premiere of Gael Towey’s latest short film, Maira Kalman: My Favorite Things. The film profiles renowned visual storyteller Maira Kalman as she curates Maira Kalman...

Lockwood de Forest | Passion for the Exotic

Join Cooper Hewitt curators Sarah Coffin and Gail Davidson, and Lockwood de Forest scholar Roberta Mayer for three presentations celebrating the Carnegie Mansion’s newly restored Teak Room....

Universal Design: Myth or Reality?

Where did “universal design” come from, and where is it headed? Will our future be populated with products that work for everyone, or we will increasingly use devices customized for an audience...

Big and Bigger: Designing for Scale

Join Cooper Hewitt curator Matilda McQuaid as she moderates a panel discussion about the role tools play in large-scale projects. Panelists including Paul Ceruzzi of the National Air & Space...

Hybrid Ekso Bionic Suit Demo

A demonstration of the Ekso Bionic Suit in use by an otherwise wheelchair-bound person.

Highlights from Solar Wall

Video display of our sun’s surface from the Atmospheric Imaging Assembly aboard NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO); Satellite launch date: February 11, 2010

In Memory of Bill Moggridge

A tribute to esteemed museum director Bill Moggridge, who passed away on September 8, 2012 following a battle with cancer. Hear about his pioneering work and influence in the field of design from...

Ben Cerveny on Planetary App

Designer Ben Cerveny talks about Planetary, a music library visualization app for iPad, as well as the future of interaction design.

Michael Eden on Bloom Vase

Maker Michael Eden talks about the thinking and process behind his "Tall Green Bloom" urn, created with CAD software and 3D printing techniques.

Philippe Apeloig on the VIVO IN TYPO poster

Graphic designer Philippe Apeloig describes the process and thinking behind his VIVO IN TYPO poster.

Damián Ortega on Controller of the Universe

Artist Damián Ortega speaks about his piece, Controller of the Universe.

Design Dictionary: Screen Printing

See how screen printing works in this short video. Master Printer Erik Hougen demonstrates how to screen print an image. He is working at the Lower East Side printshop in Manhattan, New York. The...

Design Dictionary: Needle Felting

See how needle felting works in this short video. David Morgan from Etsy demonstrates how to make simple felt beads. This string of beads took about 45 minutes to make.

Design Dictionary: Ceramics

See how ceramics are made in this short video. Gil Grimmett shows how to create a basic project on the pottery wheel at Clayworks on Columbia in Brooklyn, New York. This piece took about 4 hours of...

Design Dictionary: Offset Lithography

See how offset lithography works in this short video. Kim Michalak shows how to print in four different colors on the offset proof press at Derriere L'etole studio in Manhattan, New York....

Design Dictionary: Powder Bed 3D Printing

See how 3D printing works in this short video. The machine shown is a ProJet, which uses powdered resin and ink. This demonstration is courtesy of Joe Borrello at 3D Systems. This "part"...

Design Dictionary: Extrusion 3D Printing

See how 3D printing works in this short video. The machine shown is a 3DS Cube, which uses extruded ABS plastic. This demonstration is courtesy of Alex Benham at 3D Systems. This "part"...

Design Dictionary: Laser Cutting

See how laser cutting works in this short video. Elizabeth Vilchis and Joe Borello demonstrate how to create a simple shape on the laser cutter. They are working at the Zahn Center in Manhattan,...

Design Dictionary: Bobbin Lacemaking

See how bobbin lace is made in this short video. Ellyane Hutchinson demonstrates a basic lacemaking project at the Textile Arts Center's Brooklyn facility. This lace making project took about...

Design Dictionary: Glassblowing

See how glassblowing works in this short video. Partner glassblowers Romina Gonzales and Edison Zapata demonstrate how to blow a simple drinking cup. They are working in the new studios at...

Design Dictionary: Papermaking

See how paper is made by hand in this short video. Paper maker and educator Amy Jacobs demonstrates the basics of this technique at Dieu Donné papermill in Manhattan. This paper making project...

Design Dictionary: Tapestry Weaving

See how tapestry weaving works in this short video. Nadia Yaron demonstrates three types of tapestry joins in her Brooklyn storefront studio, Nightwood. What differentiates tapestry weaving from...

Design Dictionary: Stone Lithography

See how stone lithography works in this short video. Deborah Chaney, a professor at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, New York, demonstrates this technique in the Pratt print shop. This print took about...

Design Dictionary: Embroidery

See how embroidery is made by hand in this short video. Nguyen Le of knitknit demonstrates the basics, including satin stitch, chain stitch and french knot technique. She also adds a backing...

Design Dictionary: Weaving

See how weaving works in this short video. Weaver Cynthia Alberto demonstrates a simple weaving project using a standard floor loom. She is working at Weaving Hand, the studio she founded in...

Rotating View of Tall Green Bloom

A screen capture of the urn being rotated in Rhinoceros 3D, a type of 3D modeling software.

Flight Patterns Video

Video clip showing the Flight Patterns animation in action.

Kinematic Jewelry Demo

A screen capture showing how a necklace can be re-shaped using a digital user interface.

Sawdust Screen Process

A video showing how the Sawdust Screen progressed from digital design to 3D-printed object.

Generative Skateboard Demo

A demonstration of the generatively-designed, 3D-printable skateboard.

Prosthetic Leg Demo

A demonstration of the 3D-printed prosthetic leg.

Curator's tour of Graphic Design: Now in Production with Ellen Lupton on Governor's Island.

In this guided tour of exhibition highlights, Ellen Lupton talks about works by Aesthetic Apparatus, Anthony Burrill, Ben Fry, Christophe Szpaidel, Christopher Doyle, Daniel Eatock, Experimental...