Divining LA: New Tools for Drylands

Hazel is a digital tool for water-smart planning and design that gives cities the data they need to build a healthy local water supply.

The Cross-Border Community Station

An ecological research station, performance space, economic incubator, health clinic, and community classroom, Cross-Border Community Station is planned for Tijuana’s Los Laureles Canyon informal...

A Reciprocal Knowledge Platform

How do we raise awareness of the common interests between divided cities?

The Political Equator

Did you know? Some of the world's most critical border checkpoints are located along the same parallel.

Building Dignity: The Essence of Advocacy

Building Dignity is a flexible and accessible online tool for advocates, architects, and policy makers. It aligns design strategies with emerging thinking on safety, healing, and empowerment for...

Design Behind the Scenes: Textile Storage

See how textiles are stored at Cooper Hewitt in carefully designed archival containers.