Collections in Motion: Articulated Fan

Demonstration of an unusual fan from the Cooper Hewitt Museum collection. The fan is shown opening, closing, and two mechanical portraits are shown in operation, showing a tiny man and woman waving...

Collections in Motion: Tortoiseshell Fan

Demonstration of an unusual fan from the Cooper Hewitt Museum collection. Made around 1880, the fan is opened and closed by pulling a silk cord.

Collections in Motion: Origami Textile

Reiko Sudo & NUNO Corporation's origami textile shown being opened, re-folded and rolled.

Collections in Motion: Folding Miyake Dress

A demonstration of the "132 5. ISSEY MIYAKE" folding dress being opened and folded.

Collections in Motion: One_Shot Stool

Senior Objects Conservator Annie Hall demonstrates how the One_Shot Stool opens and closes with a smooth folding mechanism.

Reiko Sudo on the Origami Textile

Textile designer Reiko Sudo describes the trial-and-error process behind creating the Origami Textile.

Collections in Motion: Rolodexes

Six Rolodexes from the Cooper Hewitt collection being shown in motion.

Behind the Scenes: Porca Miseria Chandelier

Conservator Annie Hall and Curator Cindy Trope talk about the origin story of the Porca Miseria Chandelier, as well as the conservation and storage challenges associated with it.

Behind the Scenes: Garland Lamp

Conservator Annie Hall and Curator Cindy Trope discuss the Garland Lamp, how it's made, and how it gets stowed and cleaned in museum storage.

Katagami & Katazome Demonstration

Master craftsmen from Japan demonstrate traditional techniques for hand-cutting paper stencils (katagami) and resist-dying silk (katazome). This video condenses a multi-hour process into under two...

Behind the Scenes: The Honey Pop Chair

Conservator Annie Hall & Curator Cindy Trope discuss the Honey Pop chair, its design qualities, and the challenges associated with conserving it.

Patrick Jouin on Rapid Prototyping

Interview with Patrick Jouin about rapid prototyping and 3D printing processes.

Campana Brothers on the Vermelha Chair

Hear Fernando Campana speak about the process behind the iconic Vermelha chair, and how it was brought into semi-mass production despite the unusual weaving technique required to create it.